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I want to thank Tiyease Jon es for helping me with a spee dy refund and excellent customer service

Chronicle Tax Services provides tax preparati on services to individuals and small busine ss owners. We are currently only offeri ng virtual appointments.

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April 18th is upon us!! If y ou are not ready to file, y ou need to file an extension.

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Chronicle Tax Services

Still need to file your tax es? You have less than 30 da ys to get this done. What a re you waiting for? Call 202.888.5928 tod ay to get started.

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It’s Tax Tip Tuesday and the se tips are for all of t he industry workers.

You must include a ll tips that you receive in yo ur gross income. This includes:

- Tips direct ly from customers
- Tips added using cred it, debit or gift cards
- Tips th at are split with other employees

To keep things simple, remember these thr ee things to correctly report your t ip income.

1. Keep a daily tip record
Report tips to your employer
3. Repo rt all tips on your tax retu rn

As always, hope these tips a re helpful. If you are ready to fi le, let’s chat to discuss your nee ds. Call 202.888.5928 for your free consultati on.


And just like that the offici al tax season has begun!! Here a re a few tips for a smoo th filing season.

1. The fastest w ay to receive your refund is to e-fi le your return. Avoid mailing a pap er return if you can.

2. File an accura te return to avoid delays. Don’t ru sh to file just to get a refu nd.

3. If you don’t normally fi le, consider filing to see if y ou qualify for certain credits.

Ready to fi le or still waiting for your documen ts? Schedule a free consultation to s ee how I can assist you. 🧡

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Always remember to strive for progre ss, not perfection. You got this! 🧡


I know desperate times, call f or desperate measures but don’t set yourse lf up, please!!!

When you know bett er, you do better. 🧡 Schedule yo ur free consultation. The official tax seas on starts on the 24th.

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The news that we all ha ve been waiting for. Lol, okay may be not all of us . 😀 Th is is definitely much earlier from t he last two years, so that’s go od news in itself.

Nevertheless, let’s ch at so that we can discuss h ow I may be of service to y ou this year. 🧡

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It's Tax Tip Tuesday!!!! The I RS started to issue letters late Decemb er to Advance Child Tax Credit recipien ts and recipients of the third rou nd of Economic Impact Payments. Please ma ke sure to hold onto the se letters to help with filing yo ur 2021 federal tax return.

Ha ve questions or ready to book yo ur free consultation?
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Cheers to new beginnings, new blessin gs and new goals achieved!! 🥂




Chronicle Tax Services offers a f ew payment options to ensure you g et the best service during tax season.

Y ou can choose to pay upfront, or simp ly pay with your refund. This w ay, you don't have to wait to fi le your taxes!

Schedule a free consultation tod ay to secure your spot for th is upcoming tax season.

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Change your ways to change yo ur life. 🧡


Still need to file? What a re you waiting for? You think y ou might owe this year? Well, ev en if you do, it’s better to fi le than not file.

Are back tax es keeping you from filing? Just rememb er there is a three year ru le when it comes to back tax es. If you are due a refu nd you will only receive it if y ou you file within the three ye ar time frame. Long story short, th is is the last year to fi le 2017 and get your refund.

Schedule yo ur free consultation today by calling 202.888.59 28. 🧡



If you haven’t filed your tax es since 2017, this is your la st year to claim a refund. Y ou have a three year window of opportuni ty to claim your refund before t he money becomes the property of t he US Treasury.

So let’s not lea ve any money on the table. Schedu le a free consultation and let Chronic le Tax Services assist you with yo ur tax preparation needs.

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If you haven’t filed your tax es since 2017, this is your la st year to claim a refund. Y ou have a three year window of opportuni ty to claim your refund before t he money becomes the property of t he US Treasury.

So let’s not lea ve any money on the table. Schedu le a free consultation and let Chronic le Tax Services assist you with yo ur tax preparation needs.

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It’s Monday! A new day to ha ve a fresh start. 🧡


In case you haven’t heard, T he Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Servi ce announced yesterday that the federal inco me tax filing due date for individua ls for the 2020 tax year wi ll be automatically extended from April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021.

Please ke ep in mind that this due da te may or may not apply to yo ur state filing date. Make sure to che ck on your states website or che ck with your tax preparer.

Don’t wa it until the last minute to fi le. If you have back taxes or sti ll need to file, schedule a consultati on to get return submitted on ti me.

Let’s get started today!

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Refer a friend or family memb er and get paid.💰 Call or te xt 202.888.5928 for more information.🧡


It’s Tax Tip Tuesday! In 20 20, many people joined the gig aecono my to help make ends meet duri ng the pandemic. Whether it's a si de business or a primary source of inco me, all taxpayers need to understand h ow their gig work affects their tax es. The bottom line is taxpayers mu st report gig economy income on the ir tax return.

Here's a quick overvi ew of the gig economy:

The gig econo my is also referred to as t he on-demand, sharing or access economy. Peop le involved in the gig economy ea rn income as a freelancer, independent work er or employee. They use technology kno wn as online platforms to connect th em with customers to provide goods or servic es. This includes things like Uber, Ly ft, DoorDash, Instacart, Airbnb etc.

Here are so me things taxpayers should know about t he gig economy and taxes:

1. Money earn ed through this work is usually taxable .

2. There are tax implications f or both the company providing the platfo rm and the individual performing the services .

3. This income is usually taxab le even if the:
Taxpayer providing the servi ce doesn't receive an information return, li ke a Form 1099-NEC, Form 1099-MISC, Fo rm 1099-K, or Form W-2.

4. Activity is on ly part-time or side work.

Independent contractors m ay be able to deduct business expens es. These taxpayers should double check t he rules around deducting expenses related to u se of things like their car or hou se. They should remember to keep recor ds of their business expenses.

Workers w ho do not have taxes withheld fr om their pay have two ways to p ay their taxes in advance. Here a re these two options:

Gig economy workers w ho have another job where their employ er withholds taxes from their paycheck c an fill out and submit a n ew Form W-4. The employee does th is to request that the other employ er withholds additional taxes from their payche ck. This additional withholding can help cov er the taxes owed from their g ig economy work.

The gig economy worker c an make quarterly estimated tax payments. Th ey do this to pay their tax es and any self-employment taxes owed througho ut the year.

Schedule a free consultation tod ay!

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It’s Tax Tip Tuesday! Would li ke to receive your refund in a time ly manner? No snail mail this year!!

We ll, every year the IRS encourages taxpaye rs to e-file their returns and u se direct deposit to receive refunds. F or those taxpayers who have previously n ot used e-file, the IRS encourages usi ng it this year to avoid paper-relat ed processing delays.

The IRS cautioned paper-fil ed tax returns and paper checks wi ll take even longer this year d ue to a variety of reasons. Taxpaye rs have until Thursday, April 15, 20 21, to file their 2020 tax retu rn and pay any tax owed.

N ow that you are aware, make su re that you are prepared for yo ur tax consultation. Schedule a free consultati on today and let Chronicle Tax Servic es take care of your tax preparati on needs.

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The IRS will officially start accepti ng individual tax returns on February 12, 2021. Ready to file? Schedule a fr ee consultation today!

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The IRS will officially accept Individu al returns on February 12th. Have y ou received your documents? Chronicle Tax Servic es is ready to assist you. Conta ct us today!

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Always reppi ng my brand. 🧡


The IRS will officially accept Individu al returns on February 12th. Have y ou received your documents? Chronicle Tax Servic es is ready to assist you. Conta ct us today!

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Always reppi ng my brand. 🧡


Still waiting on your W2? No worri es, your employer has until February 1 st to mail them to you. In t he meantime, schedule a free consultation tod ay to get you onboarded and rea dy.


It’s Tax Tip Tuesday! Here a re some new key things you shou ld consider when filing your 2020 t ax return.

A. Recovery Rebate Credit

You may be ab le to claim the recovery rebate cred it if you met the eligibility requiremen ts in 2020 and one of t he following applies to you:

1. You didn 't receive an Economic Impact Payment in 2020.
You are single and their payme nt was less than $1,200.
3. You a re married, filed jointly for 2018 or 2019 a nd your payment was less than $2,400.
You didn't receive $500 for ea ch qualifying child.

B. Refund Interest Payment

1. Peop le who received a federal tax refu nd in 2020 may have been pa id interest. The IRS sent interest paymen ts to individual taxpayers who timely fil ed their 2019 federal income tax retur ns and received refunds.

2. Most intere st payments were received separately from t ax refunds. Interest payments are taxable a nd must be reported on 2020 feder al income tax returns.

3. In Janua ry 2021, the IRS will send a Fo rm 1099-INT, Interest Income, to anyone w ho received interest of at least $10.

New Charitable Deduction Allowance

1. New th is year, if don't itemize deductions y ou can take a charitable deduction of up to $3 00 for cash contributions made in 2020 to qualifyi ng organizations.

As always, the fastest a nd most secure way to receive a refu nd is to combine direct deposit wi th electronic filing. Schedule a free consultati on by 1/15/2021 and receive a $ 50 discount.

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