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Liberty Tax Service is a nationwi de company focusing on making taxes a mo re enjoyable experience through a relaxed environme nt and unmatched customer service.

This store has a play ar ea for children, refreshments, and a f un atmosphere.

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Tax Tips for Teachers in 2022 | Liber ty Tax Service 03/08/2022

Tax Tips for Teachers in 2022 | Liber ty Tax Service

Did you pay out of pock et for PPE or classroom supplies as a teach er? If so, our office can he lp you maximize your deductions this t ax season. When you're ready to fi le, come see us!

Tax Tips for Teachers in 2022 | Liber ty Tax Service Thank you to all our dedicat ed Teachers! We know this year h as been difficult, so avoid your TAXie ty and let Liberty help you fi le your taxes.

Timeline photos 03/07/2022

Have about filing taxes? Y ou don't have to go it alo ne. Liberty Tax in Leesburg is he re to help! Here are 3 wa ys we can help you overcome TAXie ty.
Call us: +1 540-579-7735

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Wondering where your refund is? Whi le most refunds are sent within 21 da ys, issues caused by the pandemic cou ld lead to your refund being deliver ed later than normal. Check your refu nd here:

How Do I Claim Charitable Donatio ns On My Taxes? | Liberty T ax Service 03/03/2022

How Do I Claim Charitable Donatio ns On My Taxes? | Liberty T ax Service

Giving back to the Leesburg communi ty can help in more ways th an one. For tax year 2021, y ou can claim up to $300 ( up to $600 on a joint retu rn) in cash donations without itemizing. Re ad more below!

How Do I Claim Charitable Donatio ns On My Taxes? | Liberty T ax Service Claiming charitable donations on your t ax return can shave money off of yo ur tax bill while you support a go od cause. Here’s how:

Tax Tips for Active and Form er Military Members | Liberty Tax Servi ce 03/01/2022

Tax Tips for Active and Form er Military Members | Liberty Tax Servi ce

Taxes are the last thing y ou need to worry about when servi ng our country. To help ease a ny TAXiety, here are some important t ax tips for active and former milita ry members. When you're ready to fi le, our office is ready to he lp.

📍: 1093 Edwards Ferry Rd
☎️: +1 540-579-7735

Tax Tips for Active and Form er Military Members | Liberty Tax Servi ce Your military career is unique, a nd so are your taxes. At Liber ty Tax, we want to help ma ke sure that our heroes receive a ll the tax benefits they’re entitled to.

Where Is My Refund? - T ax Refund Tracker | Liberty Tax Servi ce 02/23/2022

Where Is My Refund? - T ax Refund Tracker | Liberty Tax Servi ce

So you've filed with Liberty T ax and now you're ready to ca sh out. Before sets in, tra ck your refund by clicking the li nk below.

Where Is My Refund? - T ax Refund Tracker | Liberty Tax Servi ce Liberty Tax Service can help y ou track the status of your inco me tax refund. Check the status of sta te or federal tax refunds with o ur tax refund trackers.


If you haven't claimed the Earn ed Income Tax Credit in the pa st, you should check your eligibility th is tax season! Recent tax law chang es have made it possible for ma ny to qualify for the first time.
If you have questions, call our offi ce: +1 540-579-7735

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Last call for cash fast! O ur Easy Advance loan program ends on Februa ry 28, 2022. Stop by our offi ce to apply today! 1093 Edwards Fer ry Rd

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Our tax pros won't leave y ou in the dark about your tax es. We'll walk you through the proce ss, clear up any confusion and guarant ee your largest refund possible or yo ur money back. Call us: +1 540-579-773 5


Our office keeps up with t ax law changes so you don't ha ve to! We can help you cla im your remaining Child Tax Credit a nd any missing advance payments today. Ju st call or visit our office!
☎️: +1 540-579-7735
🏢: 1093 Edwards Ferry Rd

Tax Preparation Checklist - Filing T ax Return | Liberty Tax Service 02/15/2022

Tax Preparation Checklist - Filing T ax Return | Liberty Tax Service

Taxes are complicated enough without havi ng to stress over the forms need ed to file. Read our tax pr ep checklist to find the documents y ou need. Come see us when you' re ready to file!

Tax Preparation Checklist - Filing T ax Return | Liberty Tax Service Not sure what you need to prepa re your tax return? Liberty Tax Servi ce has put together this tax preparati on checklist to help you file th is year's taxes.

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Will you be our Valentine? Fi le with our office and we'll gi ve you $50 on the spot. How 's that for a Valentine's Day gift?!
Co me see us: 1093 Edwards Ferry Rd .

Timeline photos 02/14/2022

Happy Valentine's Day from our te am at Liberty Tax in Leesburg!

Don’t Make These Tax Return Erro rs This Year 02/10/2022

Don’t Make These Tax Return Erro rs This Year

Tax return errors are frustrating, ev en for us! The smallest of erro rs can delay your refund by wee ks or months. Before you make o ne of these common tax mistakes, ca ll our office and we can he lp you file your return accurately.

Don’t Make These Tax Return Erro rs This Year If you don't want to s ee your tax refund delayed, make su re you don't make this common t ax return errors.

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UPDATE: The IRS has announced th at Earned Income Tax Credit and Addition al Child Tax Credit refunds will be availab le starting February 15. Our office c an help you file today. We a re open from . Come see us !

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Tired of upfront fees? Get stress-fr ee tax prep and no out-of-pocket charg es when you file with Liberty T ax in Leesburg. Breathe in and ca sh out today. See site for detai ls.


Not sure if you're ready to fi le? Avoid more by checking the se documents off your list. When you' re ready to file, come see us! We are open today from .

What is TAXiety? | Liberty T ax Service Blog® 02/01/2022

What is TAXiety? | Liberty T ax Service Blog®

Do you have ? It's a distin ct form of anxiety that arises fr om not understanding your taxes and Liber ty Tax in Leesburg is here to he lp you overcome it. Click below to s ee what's in store for the 2022 t ax season🗽

What is TAXiety? | Liberty T ax Service Blog® Liberty Tax Service® provides stress-free t ax preparation. Schedule an appointment today!


Keeping good records and receipts througho ut the year can help you avo id yearly . Relax and use today 's checklists to get tax ready. O ur office can help you file tod ay, just give us a call!
☎️: +1 540-579-7735

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If you didn't know, now y ou know. IRS e-file is open, whi ch means you're one step closer to getti ng your refund. If you have yo ur W-2 and you're ready to fi le, come see us: 1093 Edwards Fer ry Rd.

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Need $500 to $6,250 fast? App ly for an Easy Advance Loan* wi th Liberty Tax and if approved, y ou could get the money you ne ed in 24 hours or less. Vis it our office at: 1093 Edwards Fer ry Rd.

*To be eligible to apply, yo ur expected 2021 Federal tax refund mu st be greater than $750 after a ny fees you have authorized are deduct ed. To be eligible for the $6,2 50 loan amount, your expected Federal refu nd less authorized fees must be at lea st $8,400. Applicant must be over 18 yea rs of age, have a physical addre ss in the U.S. and present acceptab le collateral of a sufficient expected feder al refund minus authorized fees.

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If your family received advance paymen ts of the Child Tax Credit, th en you should've received IRS Letter 6419. Plea se bring this with you when fili ng taxes! Have a question? Call us at: +1 540-579-7735.

NetSpend DeepBlue | Liberty Tax Servic e® 01/21/2022

NetSpend DeepBlue | Liberty Tax Servic

Ask us about our new DeepBl ue Debit Account! Get your tax refun d* faster with Direct Deposit, and ha ve the convenience of online banking. G et it today by visiting our offi ce!

*Faster claim compares tax refunds disburs ed via direct deposit vs. mailed pap er check. to learn more. Accou nt opening is subject to registration a nd ID verification. Terms and fees app ly. Banking services provided by Republic Ba nk & Trust Company, Member FDIC. Accou nt issued by Republic Bank & Tru st Company.

NetSpend DeepBlue | Liberty Tax Servic e® Discover the benefits of the DeepBl ue card today


Planning to claim a dependent on yo ur taxes? Avoid more by checki ng these dependent forms off your li st before filing. Our office is op en and our tax experts are rea dy to help! Call us: +1 540-579-77 35 .

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Today we honor the life a nd legacy of Dr. Martin Luther Ki ng Jr. He helped change our nati on for the better and we mu st continue to recognize his impact.

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At Liberty Tax, you file on yo ur terms. Whether you want to co me in the office or file fr om home, our tax pros can hand le it. Just breathe in and ca sh out.
Connect with a t ax expert:

Timeline photos 01/12/2022

Are you ready? Tax season official ly kickoffs on January 24! Our offi ce is ready to help you overco me by guaranteeing your largest refu nd possible or your money back. Fi le now:


Keeping up with tax documents c an be challenging but we've made it ea sy with our tax return checklist. Overco me by checking these documents o ff your list! Ready to file? ☎️ +1 540-579-7735.

Timeline photos 01/10/2022

Tax season is here, which mea ns your favorite tax preparers are ba ck! We are excited to serve t he Leesburg community again this tax seas on. Overcome stress and TAXiety by visiti ng us at 1093 Edwards Ferry Rd .

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Tax season is here and so is o ur Easy Advance Loan! You could g et $500 to $6,250 fast if approv ed for an Easy Advance.

Start he re:

Timeline photos 01/03/2022

Do you have TAXiety? It's th at feeling of uncertainty that comes wi th filing your taxes. File with Liber ty Tax and let us help y ou overcome TAXiety! Give us a ca ll: +1 540-579-7735. Just breathe in a nd cash out.

Timeline photos 01/01/2022

A new year means a n ew tax season is upon us. We ho pe your 2022 is full of happine ss, success and achievement! #2022

Timeline photos 12/30/2021

Wondering how the advance child t ax credit payments will impact your refu nd? Download our app and use o ur tax estimator to find out tod ay!
Get it here:

Timeline photos 12/25/2021

Merry Christmas from our team at Liber ty Tax! We hope you and yo ur loved ones have a wonderful d ay.

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Nervous about whether you will g et a tax refund next year? O ur updated Tax Estimator tool will gi ve you an estimate of how mu ch your 2021 tax refund will be. Try it now:

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