Dental Billing and Consulting Professionals, LLC

Dental Billing and Consulting Professionals, LLC


Raise your hand if you ha ve a sweet tooth! Dental Billing a nd Consulting Professionals, LLC enjoyed these marb le cupcakes with berry compote and ber ry frosting at their recent company picn ic. (Start dropping those hints to yo ur employer 😉)

Dental Billing & Consulting Professionals is a fu ll service accounts receivable management company ju st for dental practices!

Dental Billing & Consulting Professionals is a fu ll service accounts receivable management company utilizi ng the very latest in technology a nd software know-how to maximize your profi ts and eliminate lost funds. Our dent al billing service ensures proper electronic clai ms and attachment submissions and accurate posti ng of all EOB payments, credits a nd adjustments to patient accounts. We investiga te

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Use ICD-10 Codes
Cross-referencing procedures th at have medical code coverage can le ad to a 70% increase in insuran ce reimbursements. Properly coding ICD-10 codes f or medical insurance reimbursements is a maj or differentiator for you, your practice, a nd your patients.

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CDT Codes are updated annually – Provi de your employees with the proper traini ng they need to remain up to da te on all active changes. Keeping yo ur team up to date and educat ed is the most efficient way to ensu re your practice and your patients a re receiving the best care.

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Today is National Lipstick Day
In Ancie nt Egypt, both men and women wo re lipstick as a status symbol.

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Discuss your options when selecting yo ur Dental Anesthesia -
Local Anesthesia, Oral/Inhalati on Sedation, Sedation
Many factors can play a ro le in your decision such as a ge, health, and anesthetic preference. When selecti ng your anesthetic it is most importa nt to choose the best option f or a successful and safe procedure.

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Kathryn joins DBCP with 20 yea rs of data management experience. With an emphas is on data integrity, reporting, and analyti cs, she thrives in her role of continual ly evaluating business processes that create efficie nt and effective work practices in t he face of ever-changing needs. Kathryn recogniz es that keeping up with daily operatio ns and the modern demands of multi-taski ng often means that big picture da ta analysis takes a backseat to oth er priorities – when in actuality it shou ld be driving those priorities. Identifying tren ds in data, whether it's financial tren ds, claim processing trends, or workflow tren ds, can very quickly illuminate areas of streng th and areas of potential growth. Havi ng this knowledge is essential in creati ng key performance metrics and informing data-support ed decision-making. Kathryn is excited to bri ng this unique perspective not only to DB CP but also to the dental practic es it supports.

What Kathryn loves most abo ut being part of the DBCP te am is the company’s inherent sense of balan ce. She shares, “By providing clients a remo te model for accounts receivable management, patie nt care becomes the only in-person conce rn and the detail-orientated nuances of billi ng are addressed outside the bustle of t he treatment environment. This creates a meaningf ul work flow balance for everyone. Similar ly, this remote model offers our o wn team the flexibility to work whenev er needed. We often start working befo re our clients’ offices open in t he morning and long after they clo se at night. It’s a wonderful opportuni ty to find a work, life balan ce while remaining steadfast in our commitme nt to excellence in the services we provide .”

When she’s not immersed in da ta, you can find Kathryn cooking, traveli ng, and enjoying time with her fami ly in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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Schedule an Oral Cancer Screen
Discovering or al cancer in the early stages lea ds to an 83.3% survival rate! Biopsy ’s can be taken from abnormal are as or sores and sent to an or al pathologist for further examination. In i ts earlier stages, patient survival rates a re as high as 83.3%.

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It's summer and it's hot! Consid er offering one employee a week t he option to have flexible hours on a Frid ay or day of their choice to enj oy the summer. Creating a rotating/shifted schedu le can help make this added employ ee benefit a reality.

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Discuss your recovery period with yo ur oral surgeon after a procedure.
After mo st standard oral surgery, patients can resu me their normal day-to-day activities 24 hou rs after their operation. Even in the se cases, it is suggested that strenuo us activities be avoided for at lea st a week.

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Take the time to educate yo ur employees on what makes your practi ce stand out. When building your practi ce it is likely that you to ok extra care to create differentiating facto rs to set yourself apart from competito rs. Implement continued education and staff meetin gs to keep these initiatives top of mi nd.

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83% of people believe their tee th are more important to their appearan ce than their hair and eyes a nd only 20% of people are hap py with their smile! Consulting with an or al surgeon can help you achieve t he smile you want to feel mo re confident in your day-to-day!

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July 5th is National Workaholics D ay!
Take time today to acknowledge yo ur team members who go above a nd beyond to keep your practice runni ng at optimal efficiency and are alwa ys willing to go the extra mi le for your patients! A little recogniti on goes a long way!

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The first documented evidence of or al surgeries performed on humans was duri ng the Civil War when the Uni on and Confederate dentists performed facial reconstructi on on injured soldiers.

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Dental implants have a success ra te of 98% - that is t he highest rate of all implanted surgic al devices! Partner with your Oral Surge on to see if you have tee th that need to be replaced.

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Kimberly Weintraub’s expertise in Dental a nd Oral Surgery led her to ma ke her Entrepreneurial debut opening Dental Billi ng & Consulting Professionals, LLC in 20 16; a firm specializing in full-service accoun ts receivable management for dental surgeons. H er patient-first mindset is the driving fact or and mission that each of h er employees embody. By following this missi on, Dental Billing & Consulting Professionals, L LC partners with you to ensure a ll outstanding accounts receivables get collected in fu ll. Having a partnership with Dent al Billing & Consulting Professionals, LLC affor ds you the opportunity to focus on patie nt care first; allowing us to mana ge and handle the back-office support.

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Oral Surgeons can help reduce migrain es for their patients. TMJ and overbit es are two main causes of migrain es that can be fixed with correcti ve jaw surgery. Often patients are surpris ed to learn that their headaches a nd earaches are being caused by a misalign ed jaw.

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Check-in on your tenured employees.
Oft en leaders assume silent employees are conte nt. It is important to provide tenur ed employees with the same level of attenti on that newer employees receive in ord er to maintain retention.

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It’s important to remember oral heal th when considering your overall well-being. Allowi ng serious issues to go untreated m ay lead to difficulty eating, further dama ge, and tooth loss. Keeping your tee th in tip-top shape can help preve nt further severe damage down the road.

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Develop open and honest feedback loops.
He lp your employees express changes they fe el are needed within your practice witho ut fear of retribution. This can be do ne through anonymous surveys, touch base meetin gs, and an open dialog environment.

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