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At Webb CFO, we know th at you want to have peace of mi nd as your business grows. In ord er to do that , you ne ed a trusted partner to handle yo ur accounting.

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What’s the #1 way to increa se your collection rate?

Make it look ea sy for your customers to pay y ou.

Keep an automatic ACH payme nt form on file

Send electronic statements

Have a li nk for ACH or credit card paymen ts in the email with invoices

Create an onli ne portal

Make life easy for you a nd your clients.


Excited to meet the attendees at @aceconference20 22

Follow my journey later this we ek as I share my travel expens es and document if

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The employee employer relationship has chang ed fundamentally since March 2020. F or most employers we see the ne ed to dust off your employee handbo ok and update your policies.

Do you have a clearly defined wo rk from home policy?

Have there been chang es to your paid time off schedules?

Do es your organization need a vaccination policy?

If you hired your very first employ ee, do you have a handbook?

We wo rk one on one with organizations to crea te, dust off or modify handbooks so y ou are protected as an employer A ND you clearly communicate expectations with employees.

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Unexpected tax bill?

I get it no o ne likes to pay taxes. Doesn’t matt er how much you make. If y ou make a lot, if you ma ke a little, no one like to p ay taxes.

Do yourself a favor now. Sta rt planning today for your 2022 t ax bill. This can be as ea sy as scheduling an appointment with an advis or after April 18 to see h ow you can optimize your expenses or yo ur legal entity structure.

Open up a n ew savings account at a bank th at you don’t use every day. Sta rt transferring a set percentage each mon th into that new account for yo ur tax.

Pro tip- work wi th an inconvenient bank. All banks adverti se being easy to work with. Th is is not what you want f or your tax account. You want an inconvenie nt bank to work with so it ’s hard for you to get yo ur money out.

DM if you wa nt a list of my most inconvenie nt banks. The list grows daily

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Tough Love

Keep business and personal sepera te.

The very first thing y ou need to do no matter yo ur business structure is open a ba nk account that is business only.

Do not run your business out of yo ur personal account.

All legimate business expenses shou ld be tracked in and out of yo ur business account.

Legal entities a re set up for protection of person al assets. When you mix person al expenses in your business account y ou could negate the benefit of yo ur legal entity.

Repeat after me, "I promi se to have a business checking accou nt that only includes business expesnes."

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Happy Doctors Day!

Thank you to a ll our clients who are physicians servi ng patients across the country. Y ou are battle tested over the la st two years and we appreciate you.

@webbc fo serves private practices across the US. We monitor profitability to ensu re clinics are set up to ser ve all stakeholders. Our very fir st assignment when assessing new clinics is completi ng a profit assessment. Most physicia ns are surprised on the profitability of certa in services. Does that mean y ou change your delivery to patients? No! It means you are awa re of costs and you make decisio ns for your patients and staff to r un efficiently so you can keep serving.

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Have you ever looked at yo ur profit & loss statement and sa id, "it's says I made money, b ut where is it?"⁠

You are not alo ne with this sentiment. ⁠

If y ou are making money on "paper" b ut don't have anything to show f or it....⁠

If you are not paying yourse lf and are depending on credit car ds or lines of credit to p ay others....⁠

If you cringe everytime you p ay a vendor or even have h ad bounced checks....⁠

If you stay awake at nig ht wondering how your business will survive....⁠

We need to chat.⁠

We help business owne rs take the chaos out of the ir accounting, we create a cash fl ow system where you pay yourself a nd set up payments for others, we rea ch out to your vendors and wo rk on payment plans, we analyze yo ur staffing to make sure you a re hitting the right balance.⁠

We are li ke counselors for your business. We c an help you manage the load. We he lp take that nightmare and turn it ba ck into a dream that you on ce had.⁠

Don't business alone.⁠

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Courtney is one of our mast er reconcilers.

Every month we reconcile all banki ng and checking accounts for all clien ts. At times when we ta ke on a new client we go ba ck and reconcile older months and sometim es years of data.

Monthly Reconciliatio ns Are Critical:

Quickly identify banking or recordi ng errors

Build an accurate set of financials

He lp create dashboards and quick metrics

If yo ur accounts are not reconciled monthly th en it's near impossible to produce a s et of financial statements. If y ou don't have financial statements then it 's difficult to tell how your busine ss is performing.

And, don't tell me th at looking at your bank balances dai ly is your answer.

That is a gre at practice, but it doesn't tell y ou if your margins decreased, it doesn 't tell you if you paid f or unnecessary overtime and if you ha ve debt it's hidding a big pa rt of the problem.

Do yourself a fav or, reconcile your accounts monthly or partn er with a team that can do it f or you.

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I do not want to wo rk forever, there I said it.

Eve ry single business owner needs to ha ve an exit strategy. Y ou will be exiting your business eith er by your choice or otherwise. 🙃

recently met with a business advis or who partners with buyers and selle rs to sell companies. The #1 thi ng she said businesses need to ha ve to get the value they wa nt from their business is complete a nd accurate financial statements. 🎵Music to my ears!

If you are thinking about selling, dreami ng of selling or want to reti re one day you need to ha ve accurate financial statements. If y ou want a second set of ey es to review your financial records let 's connect.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

We love recognizi ng the efforts of all women acro ss the world. Started in 1911 a nd recognized by President Carter in 19 80, International Women’s Day celebrates women as hero es contributing to society as pioneers, innovato rs and leaders.

👊🏻to our fell ow women business owners.

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It’s mundane and boring. It’s norm al. It’s without disruption.

I’m traveling to a clie nt site this week following a gre at family weekend.

I’m very aware that my li fe goes on as normal while othe rs across the world are impacted by w ar. I know countless families, busine ss owners and leaders are trying to survi ve the day. My prayers a re with you.

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Are you considering a new produ ct or service?

Consider asking yourself the following:

Do I have the expertise a nd capacity to add this?

2) Will th is launch require an investment?

3) Who wi ll be your first five customers?

Launching a n ew product or service is exciting. Maki ng sure it's profitable is money 💰 in t he bank.

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Every organization has risk.

risk assessment identifies major risks to t he organization and develops a plan to addre ss each risk should an event occ ur.

For example, most small business es are dependent on the business owne rs. To reduce this risk we recomme nd documented processes as well as leavi ng critical accounts and passwords with a trust ed advisor (✋).

It's great to ha ve a business partner or advisor to ha ve an outside view of your potenti al risks.

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How We Got Here

We know what it feels li ke when business isn’t running smoothly, a nd that you don’t fully understand h ow your company operates.

If you’re like many business owne rs, you’ve realized that managing your busine ss finances isn’t what you’re best at or wh at you have time for. You’ve like ly wondered if there was a w ay to outsource your company accounting to a trust ed advisor who can help your busine ss thrive. We know you want to fe el confident and have peace of mi nd as your business grows, and it ’s wrong that you’re in the da rk about your finances.

At Webb CFO, we get it.

We understand what it’s like to r un a company as well as ha ve a life, and that worrying abo ut cash flow is a stressful w ay to live. For the past f ew years, we’ve helped a number of busine ss owners just like you let go of managi ng (or ignoring) their company finances a nd experience relief and freedom to foc us on what they’re great at in the ir company.

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