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Bottom Line Tax, LLC provides t ax preparation and accounting services for person al and small busines

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Accepting new small business clients f or bookkeeping, quarterly filings of sales t ax and payroll reports. Contact Becci at: [email protected]


The tax season may be ov er, but there is still a ne ed for an accountant through out t he year. Accepting clients for bookkeeping, payro ll or quarterly tax reporting, contact Bec ci @ [email protected]


Another tax season is in t he books! Thank you to all my returni ng clients and new clients for a gre at season!

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Tracking the status of a t ax refund is easy with the Where 's My Refund? tool. It's available anyti me on or through the IRS2 Go App.

You can start checking your refu nd status within 24 hours after an e-fil ed return is received.

Get started, click he re:

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Scammers operate bogus charities that solic it money or information by phone, ema il or through social media sites. I RS urges you to verify an organizati on before donating to a cause.

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Can’t pay IRS the full amou nt owed in tax? Pay as mu ch as you can by April 18 a nd be sure to file a retu rn or request an extension to redu ce penalties and interests. See:


2 very important IRS documents to provi de to your tax preparer this year :
Letter 6419, child tax credit prepayme nt information
- Letter 6475, 2021 stimulus payme nt information


IRS is accepting 2021 tax retur ns as of today, but it doesn ’t mean you have all your for ms to file, please wait to g et all important tax documents before fili ng to avoid amendments!


Households will be getting tax documen ts from the IRS, for stimulus che ck and child tax credit payments. Do n ot throw them away! Provide them to yo ur tax preparer.

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Offering services through an app? I RS has a Gig Economy Tax Cent er that offers you tax tips a nd resources. If you’re making estimated t ax payments mark your calendars, your ne xt payment is due 1/18. To lea rn more, click here:


Key Tax Season Dates:
Jan 24, IRS begins accepting tax returns
Apr 18, tax deadline day
Oct 17, tax deadli ne day if you filed an extensi on

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sending letters to recipients of advan ce payments and third . Usi ng the information in these letters wh en preparing your tax return can redu ce errors, avoid refund delays.

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At a time when many charitab le groups are struggling during the pandem ic, the IRS highlights a new provisi on that allows more people to dedu ct donations made by 12/31 to qualifyi ng charities on their 2021 federal inco me tax return. Read:

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If you didn't qualify for t he third Economic Impact Payment or d id not receive the full amount, y ou may be eligible for the Recove ry Rebate Credit. If you're eligible, you' ll need to file a 2021 t ax return even if you don't usual ly file.
To help you for t ax filing season, click here:

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If you received advance Child T ax Credit payments, when you file yo ur 2021 tax return, you will ne ed to compare the advance payments th at you received during 2021 with t he amount of the Child Tax Cred it that you can properly claim on yo ur 2021 tax return. The fastest w ay for you to get your t ax refund that will include your Chi ld Tax Credit is by filing electronical ly and choosing direct deposit.

To f or the upcoming tax filing season, cli ck here:

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Tax scams continue to be on t he rise. Con artists work year-round. Rema in vigilant to avoid being victimized.

He re are some tips to help y ou recognize and avoid some of t he most common tax-related scams:

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Stay vigilant all year round a nd be on the lookout for sca ms. Remember that the IRS never deman ds payment in gift cards.

To learn mo re, click here:

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If you’re a business owner, be su re to correctly determine whether the peop le working for you are employees or independe nt contractors.

Click here to learn more:

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: expanded tax benefits help individua ls, businesses give to charity during 20 21; deductions up to $600 available f or cash donations by non-itemizers.

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If you share custody of yo ur children, you should be aware of h ow the advance Child Tax Credit paymen ts are distributed.

Understanding how the paymen ts work will help parents to unenro ll, if they choose, and possibly avo id a possible tax bill when th ey file next year.

For some of t he most common questions about shared custo dy and the advance Child Tax Cred it payments, click here:

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Did you know…recent legislation includes provisio ns to help individuals and businesses w ho give to charity?

The law allo ws taxpayers to claim a limited deducti on on their 2021 federal income t ax returns for cash contributions they ma de to certain qualifying charitable organizations.

Click he re to learn more:

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Update your business address of reco rd with so you don’t mi ss any notification of necessary actions on back up withholding you make to your paye es.

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If you filed an extension, rememb er the Oct. 15 deadline to fi le your 2020 tax return is fa st approaching.

Find out more here:

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After a natural disaster, having acce ss to personal financial, insurance, medical a nd other records can help people prote ct their financial safety.

For tips on h ow to prepare now, click here:

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If you’re a small business own er or self-employed, you should look in to whether you should make estimated t ax payments this year. Doing so c an help you avoid an unexpected t ax bill and possibly a penalty wh en you file next year.

Follow this li nk for more info:

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For a list of some do 's and don'ts if you receive ma il from the IRS, click here:

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Eligible teachers can deduct unreimbursed expens es for COVID-19 protective items to st op the spread of COVID-19 in t he classroom. A reminder from t he :

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Remember that the IRS will n ot contact you by text message or soci al media seeking personal data.

For more informati on about scams and how to recogni ze them, click this link:

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An IRS online account is a sa fe and easy way to view specif ic details about your federal tax accou nt.
There are many benefits of havi ng an Online Account and we contin ue to add new features that c an help you.
Learn more at nt.

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The IRS wants to keep a ll taxpayer data secure from identity thiev es. You can find answers to ma ny tax questions on, but if y ou need to call, check out th is IRS tax tip to find o ut what information you should have ready:

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Taxpayers should be on the looko ut for scammers who set up fa ke organizations to take advantage of t he public's generosity.

The IRS knows crimina ls are using a variety of sca ms that target honest taxpayers. These scamme rs may cause otherwise honest people to do thin gs they don't realize are illegal. Thiev es also prey on people’s good wi ll to steal their money.

Get more detai ls here:

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