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We offer e-MDs products for E HR, Practice Management, EDI services through TriZet to and Change Healthcare, ePrescribing, eStatements a nd Credit Card Processing.

Tammy Mulligan is the owner a nd president of On Track Medical Billi ng, a full service medical billing compa ny located in the Santa Rosa, CA, 40 miles north of San Francis co. Tammy has extensive experience operating a nd managing successful medical practices and h as over 30 years experience in medic al billing, coding, and practice management, wi th specific concentration in the specialties of Inter na

Operating as usual


My page is here to establi sh new business and connections. I am n ot sure I have gotten any busine ss from it, but it is free.

If you need medical billing help or a bill er for your practice, please reach o ut for a free quote. I am alwayshe re to answer questions too at no co st.


Spring is upon us. Do y ou need Medisoft training? Billing traini ng? Help with billing or Mediso ft? I am your person. Conta ct me and we can set up a fr ee telephone consultation to discuss your nee ds. Email or call!


Medical biller, Billing specialist, Billing Consultation
We can help with all your needs
Conta ct me for a free telephone consu lt


New Year new version of Mediso ft available today! Send me a messa ge for a quote.

Search Jobs at Scion Staffing. Nation al US Job Openings + Remote 12/21/2021

Search Jobs at Scion Staffing. Nation al US Job Openings + Remote

If anyone is looking for a position

Th is is a contract opportunity for an organizati on focused on providing healthcare support f or minorities and diverse communities! The compensati on for the role is $28-$30 p er hour and the job is locat ed in San Francisco, CA.

Here is t he listing from our website: https://www.scionstaffing.com/job/8333 It ’s such a wonderful employer and j ob!

Are you open to learning abo ut new career opportunities? If so, se nd your resume to me at: [email protected]

Search Jobs at Scion Staffing. Nation al US Job Openings + Remote Search jobs online and apply f or work at Scion Staffing. National j ob openings for Executive, Permanent jobs, a nd temporary job openings. Add your resu me and learn about employment opportunities! Al so read blogs about job seeking a nd more! Apply for work and sear ch jobs now!

Revenue Cycle Management – leadersvoiceusa 12/21/2021

Revenue Cycle Management – leadersvoiceusa

This is exciting to be in Leade rs Voice USA online publication. Che ck it out.


Revenue Cycle Management – leadersvoiceusa “” Aenean auctor wisi et ur na. Aliquam erat volutpat. Duis ac turp is. Integer rutrum ante eu lacus. Vestibul um libero nisl, porta vel, scelerisque eg et, malesuada at, neque.


Please like my page if y ou stop by.

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CGM Medisoft v26 features......available for p re sale now. Contact me f or a quote.



What's better than a Friday de al? Nothing. Medisoft v26 is 40% for versions v23 or older! conta ct me for a quote

CGM MEDISOFT V26 Features Overview 09/28/2021

CGM MEDISOFT V26 Features Overview

Medisoft Overview for V26

Contact me if y ou would like a free quote.


CGM MEDISOFT V26 Features Overview This is "CGM MEDISOFT V26 Featur es Overview" by CompuGroup Medical US on Vim eo, the home for high quality vide os and the people who love th em.


Medisoft v26 Pre-orders begins IMMEDIATELY!

I am excit ed to announce v26 is in producti on and pre-order discounts up to 45% are available for 3 versions ba ck now! What a great ti me to bring your system up to da te. You have missed so ma ny wonderful features. I have a matr ix available at your request.

Contact me to g et a quote today!


As many providers begin to reti re do you have a plan in pla ce to help them? We c an offer services to help in w ho and when to contact specific compani es and sources to make retirement a smoo th transition for everyone.


Please like my page if yo ur visiting. I won't bug y ou I promise.


OTMBS handles are your accounting nee ds from claims to payments. We tra ck claims and will get you pa id in a timely manner. If y ou are not getting paid in 2 to 3 wee ks something is wrong with your curre nt system. Call me, lets ta lk about it, I offer advise on h ow to be efficient in your clai ms processing.


OTMBS is offering clearinghouse services. Wh at does that mean? You c an send your claims electronically and recei ve payments from insurance carriers electronically. Th is means, you get paid faster. Conta ct me for more details!


Are you paying 8% or mo re for your medical billing service. We a re offering 4-6% rates (depending on special ty) for our clients. Contact us f or a quote today. We wa nt to help you keep your ha rd earned money.


OTMBS offers medical claims billing, collecti on and accounting services. We wi ll clean your A/R and get y ou the money you deserve. Conta ct us today.


Have a safe and Happy Memori al Day


Medisoft v25 is available today f or you! Installation takes less th an 30 minutes and your working wi th a practice management software that is reliab le and efficient.


On Track wants your business. We do billi ng, claim denial research and consultations f or a minimal fee. We c an help design a plan for yo ur staff to tackle your outstanding A /R. Contact us by via FB, email or fax to schedule a Zo om meeting to discuss your needs.


Happy New Years to all a nd thank you for your support in 20 20! We are ready to he lp you in 2021!

Medisoft V25 Office Hours Enhancements 12/29/2020

Medisoft V25 Office Hours Enhancements

New enhancements for Office Hours in Mediso ft v25. Contact me for mo re information or a demo today!


Medisoft V25 Office Hours Enhancements Sometimes it is the small thin gs that make the biggest impact in yo ur day. Check out these new Offi ce Hours enhancements to make your wo rk day more efficient.


Thank you for all who attend ed my free Zoom class for "Cleani ng up Claims Management". It w as a success. I will be offeri ng more free online Zoom classes. T he next class " paper vs electron ic claims". Watch for updates!

Medisoft V25 Eligibility Demographics in Offi ce Hours 11/10/2020

Medisoft V25 Eligibility Demographics in Offi ce Hours

Medisoft v25 offer eligibility and demograph ic confirmation. Watch our video a nd contact me if you have a ny questions or would like a quo te to upgrade.


Medisoft V25 Eligibility Demographics in Offi ce Hours This is "Medisoft V25 Eligibility Demographi cs in Office Hours" by eMDs on Vim eo, the home for high quality vide os and the people who love th em.

Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare a nd Public Health Sector | CISA 11/04/2020

Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare a nd Public Health Sector | CISA

eMDs is passing on an importa nt security notice from CISA, the F BI, and HHS. https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/current-activity/2020/10/28/ransomware-activity-targeting-healthcare-and-public-health-sector. Please be ext ra vigilant when it comes to securi ty.

Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare a nd Public Health Sector | CISA The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agen cy (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigati on (FBI), and the U.S. Department of Heal th and Human Services (HHS) have credib le information of an increased and immine nt cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals a nd healthcare providers.

Medisoft V25 Features Overview 11/04/2020

Medisoft V25 Features Overview

Medisoft v25 presale is going stro ng. Are you ready to upda te your Medisoft from an older versi on? Its time. How c an you be effective if your usi ng old tools. Check out th is video on the new features availab le and then contact me to pla ce your order.

Medisoft V25 Features Overview Check out some of the n ew features in Medisoft V25 then conta ct your reseller to upgrade today.


Tip to improve cash flow in yo ur medical practices.

Your front office staff nee ds to be comfortable asking upfront f or payments from patients. If they a re not, you need someone who is in th at position who is. The patient expec ts to pay their copay upfront. T he staff needs to ask.

If you a re seeing patients virtually, at the e nd of the appointment the provider nee ds to ask the patient to ma il the payment immediately or call ba ck to the office and pay by cred it card immediately.

If you use an outsi de billing service they should provide a repo rt monthly showing outstanding remainder account balanc es so that office staff has somethi ng to work from. The billi ng service can also provide copies of statemen ts sent to patients for the offi ce to see and collect from at t he patients next appointment.

Ask your staff if th ey are comfortable asking for payments, gi ve them tips to help and if y ou need help with any of th is contact me for more suggestions. — 👋 : Gener al Help


Medisoft v25 presale is happening n ow with 40% off before 11/25/2020. Plea se contact me for a quote f or your billing service or practice. N ew eligibility features will help verify patien ts insurances before their visits. O CR Scanning of insurance cards which wi ll transfer to the eligibility checks.


Please make sure your Medisoft is passwo rd protected. Its required by HIPAA.

The offi ce manager or provider should maintain a li st of log ns and passwords.

Do n ot use your name, childs name or pe ts name as a password. Definite ly do not use 1111 or simil ar the bad guys love ea sy targets.

Be compliant! Done risk t he bad guys getting all your precio us patient information.


E/M Coding Changes January 01, 2021

H ow we code is changing again. Mo re time based, risk based, chronic vs acu te, new diagnosis or existing.

Medicare will ma ke this change 01/01/21 and others m ay follow immediately or soon after.

Are y ou prepared?

media1.tenor.co 09/04/2020


Please check out our n ew website. I'm pretty excited 😎


media1.tenor.co 08/01/2020


Need a side hustle. Flexib le hours. I'm looking for sal es people. Help with selling softwa re. Paid by commission only on sal es. Send private message. I 'm working out the details.


Our Story

Tammy Mulligan is the owner a nd president of On Track Medical Billi ng, a full service medical billing compa ny located in the Santa Rosa, CA, 40 miles north of San Francis co. Tammy has extensive experience operating a nd managing successful medical practices and h as over 25 years experience in medic al billing, coding, and practice management, wi th specific concentration in the specialties of Intern al Medicine, Family Practice, Physical Therapy, Ment al Health,Chiropractic and Pain Management/Anesthesiology.

e-MDs Val ue Added Reseller. Tammy Mulligan offers Mediso ft, Medisoft Clinical software, training and suppo rt services.

Medical Billing Services include billing Medica re, Medi-Cal, Group Health/PPO/POS, HMO, Personal Inju ry & Worker's Comp.

Coding (CPT/ICD-9), Charge Ent ry, Payment Posting, Claims Generation, Electronic Clai ms Submission, Patient Statements, Collections, Aged Clai ms Follow Up, Insurance Audits, Compliance Development/Suppo rt, Credentialing/Contracting, Initial Medical Office Set Up, Complete Procedures.

Practice Management Consulting, Medic al Billing in Internal Medicine, Family Practi ce, Physical Therapy, Mental Health,Chiropractic and Pa in Management/Anesthesiology.

Contact me at (707)538-7082 or ema il [email protected]




Medisoft Patient Accounting reseller / R CM services / TriZetto, Change Healthcare a nd Office Ally/ Tech support a nd training for Medisoft. BillFlash Suppo rt and services.



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