Brinser Consulting, LLC

Brinser Consulting, LLC


Following a 25-year accounting career, Sco tt Brinser founded Brinser Consulting, LLC in 2014 to provi de outsourced, part-time, consultative, and interim accounti ng services for small- to mid-sized business es.

Scott’s mission is to he lp businesses grow by financial analysis a nd evaluation. He goal is to h is clients’ trusted business partner and he lp them truly understand the power of the ir financial statements. This knowledge will he lp his clients’ make more intelligent a nd better informed business decisions. He oft en starts a new engagement by aski ng business owners if they truly kn ow their numbers. It is important f or people to understand where their mon ey is going. After all, at t he end of the day, it is a ll about how much money stays in yo ur pocket.

It is never too la te to call in a good Chi ef Financial Officer (CFO). The best ti me, however, is when business owners reali ze they can’t do it all themselv es. Setting up systems in advance hel ps to stave off potential accounting or record-keepi ng problems. Brinser Consulting is also availab le to help business owners who a re struggling with accounting issues, disorganization or I RS deadlines.

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Brinser Consulting is in outsourced C FO and accounting services company specializing in sma ll and mid-sized companies looking to gr ow. Scott Brinser is an accounting profession al, bringing more than 25 years of experien ce to clients who need outsourced accounti ng solutions.

From part-time and interim CFO servic es to general accounting and bookkeeping; busine ss owners rely on Scott to provi de the top-level analysis and accounting servic es that allow them to concentrate on growi ng their businesses.

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"Business is booming, sales have nev er been greater, and production has go ne through the roof. Maybe you’ve hir ed more employees, or maybe you’ve h ad a breakthrough. But now, doing yo ur own books is getting difficult or is preventi ng you from growing your business. Whatev er the case may be, you reali ze now more than ever that y ou need an accountant."

Read this gre at article from Northern VA Advice Give rs on Brinser Consulting to see h ow we can help you!


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11 Financial Words All Parents Shou ld Teach Their Kids

With the kids off of scho ol for another snow day, take so me time to talk about money a nd finances with them. Here is a gre at article to help you! If there's one subject that h as the ability to impact kids througho ut their entire lives, it’s personal finan ce. Unfortunately, it’s a subject no o ne wants to teach them. Here y ou will find a guide to t he financial terms that every kid nee ds to learn.


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How to Avoid Dead Bookkeeper Syndro me

Business owners, do you have a back- up plan in place if something we re to happen to you? Let's ta lk! 703-509-4606 Dead Bookkeeper Syndrome is a te rm I have coined to describe t he situation of a company’s bookkeeper sudden ly disappearing or dying.


Contact us to learn more abo ut our CFO, Accounting and Bookkeeping Servic es. 703-509-4606, send a PM or ema il [email protected].


NBC Nightly News with Lester Ho lt

Good information here.

A slew of updates from t he IRS and major tax reform pass ed by Congress could significantly alter yo ur situation for the 2018 tax ye ar.


Small business owners, when it com es to bookkeeping and accounting, how do y ou handle the tasks? 02/16/2018

Try these five strategies to impro ve your business cash flow — fa st!

Need more cash flow--here is an interesti ng article. How can you improve your business 's cash flow fast? And how do y ou maintain a positive cash flow? MSN BC Your Business offers these tips.


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10 Tips For Starting A Sma ll Business That You Haven't Heard A Thousa nd Times Already

Happy Tipsy Tuesday! Starting a business doesn't happen overnig ht. If you're like most entrepreneurs, y ou want an idea of what you' re getting into before diving into busine ss ownership. Try these 10 tips to prepa re for opening a small business a nd being your own boss.


Question: I don't think I ne ed to hire a full-time accountant b ut is there someone that could revi ew everything to make sure it is a ll correct?

Answer: While you may n ot need to hire a CFO ju st yet. I suggest that y ou hire a virtual CFO, like myse lf, to come into your offi ce every few weeks to review everythi ng. I can help ensure your compa ny is in good financial health a nd staying on track for success.


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W-2s and 1099s today is t he day! Get them in the ma il! Then refer to Tuesday's po st for a celebratory drink!!


Nothing says Tipsy Tuesday better th an the Income Tax Cocktail!

.25 oz D ry vermouth
.25 oz Swe et vermouth
1.5 oz Gi n
.75 oz Oran ge juice
1 da sh Angostura Bitters
Gla ss: Cocktail

Add all the ingredients to a shak er and fill with cracked ice. Sha ke, and strain into a cocktail gla ss.


W-2s and 1099s are due on Wednesd ay! They must be postmarked 1/31/20 18


Question: Can you claim your ho me office on your taxes?

Answer: T he IRS says that the space y ou are using for your home offi ce must meet the following requirements: (1) The business must be legitimate; (2) The space must be used as yo ur principal place of business or f or specific business purposes, like meeting clien ts or doing business paperwork, and (3) the space must be used “regular ly and exclusively” for business.


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6 signs your small business nee ds to upgrade to a business cred it card

Are you considering a small busine ss credit card? Opening a business credit card isn ’t always necessary, so how do y ou know? Here are six signs yo ur small business needs to upgrade to a busine ss credit card. 01/24/2018

The Top 5 Tips to He lp Small Business Owners Survive the 2018 Inco me Tax Season

Here are 5 easy tips to he lp business owners and freelancers survive t ax season. The endless stream of forms, deductio ns and claims is, shall I s ay, less than enjoyable, and this hardsh ip only increases when you have an unconvention al occupation – such as a freelan ce anything – or own a busine ss (particularly one with employees). 01/23/2018

10 Tax-Savings Hacks That Small Busine ss Owners Often Miss

Tipsy Tuesday! 10 Tax saving ti ps for small businesses. Approximately 93 percent of small busine ss owners in one small survey overpa id their taxes over the past doz en years. Don't be one of th em. 01/22/2018

How Much Does it Cost to Hi re a Bookkeeper?

Does your new year's resolution includi ng researching the costs/benefits of hiring a bookkeep er? Give me a call a nd I will be happy to ta lk to you. 703-509-4606. Keeping track of your day-to-day financials—n ot to mention the overall financial heal th of your business—is crucial, whether you’ re a startup, another small business own er, or a large corporati… 01/21/2018

Intuit Tool Helps Freelancers and Contracto rs File 1099 Forms

New QuickBooks 1099 Features Intuit's got a couple of n ew QuickBooks 1099 features to help sma ll businesses that deal with any numb er of freelancers and contractors. 01/20/2018

About Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income | Intern al Revenue Service

Who are you required to se nd a Form 1099? You a re required to send Form 1099 to vendo rs or sub-contractors that you paid mo re than $600 in 2017. Request W -9 forms from these companies to he lp you fill out the 1099s. Questio ns? Give me a call. 703-509-46 06. Form 1099-MISC is used to repo rt rents, royalties, prizes and awards a nd other fixed determinable income. Use th is form to report rents, royalties, priz es and awards and other fixed determinab le income. 01/19/2018

Due Dates For Your W-2, 1099 & Oth er Tax Forms In 2018 (And Wh at To Do If They're Missing)

Heads up! W-2 forms a re due to employees on January 31 st. If you need help getti ng these forms together, give me a ca ll. 703-509-4606. Tax season is around the corn er. If you're looking for your for ms W-2 or 1099, here's what y ou need to know.


Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. on th is day.


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It's official! Brinser Consulting is on t he ballot. Please take a minu te to vote for me for t he Best Bookkeeper in Loudoun! Plea se and Thank You! Cast your vote for your favori te people, places, businesses, and events in Loudo un County! 12/29/2017

The Tech to Help Keep Yo ur New Year's Resolutions

The Tech to Help Keep Yo ur New Year's Resolutions. These technology tools can help y ou keep your New Year's resolutions.





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