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Happy Veteran's Day to current a nd past service members! We can't tha nk you enough! 

Timeline photos 11/11/2021

“And then, just as quickly, t he clouds returned, leaving us to wa lk by faith, not by sight.” – Sibel la Giorello

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Take the Risk or lose t he chance

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Health insurance is important because we nev er know when life will hit us wi th an illness. However, with the ma ny different health policies available, people beco me confused about which plan to choo se. If you are having a difficu lt time deciding which plan or pla ns to choose, speak with an age nt at AIS.

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The fact of the matter is th at there are many physical and psychologic al illnesses that can make it fe el like it is impossible to g et out of bed. If you ha ve been dealing with this kind of an obstac le, there is hope! Discover some gre at tips that can help you overco me this problem.

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Your health insurance policy will lap se if you forget to pay t he premium on time. If you happ en to be amongst those who miss ed the date, then you do ha ve a chance to rectify the mista ke. Luckily, insurers allow a grace peri od of “30 days” for you to ren ew your policy, starting from the initi al date of renewal. Here is an artic le about what to do when yo ur health insurance policy lapses

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Try yoga to help with reduci ng inflammation in the body and fig ht depression, in addition to many oth er mental and physical benefits that co me from practicing yoga.

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Start your engines, it’s MONDAY! Sha re a comment with us on h ow you like to start a producti ve week.

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Diabetes can increase your risk of ma ny serious health problems. Let AIS he lp you control your blood sugar. Ord er yours at and see t he difference it can make.

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It’s Friday! Time to leave yo ur weekly worries behind and go whe re your heart takes you! Where’s yo ur favorite place to go?

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You may think that you don 't have time for exercise, but d id you know that even short burs ts of exercise during the day c an help to enhance your overall bra in function? Discover more about how Scientis ts can claim this fact.

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“The love of Christ always hel ps us see beyond the faults of others .” – Victor Manuel Rivera

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“Nothing is Impossible. The word itse lf says I’m possible.” - Audr ey Hepburn

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At AIS, we often explain to o ur clients that an Explanation of Benefi ts (or EOB) is not a bi ll. It’s a summary of all heal th care charges that your health pl an sends you after you see a provid er or get a service. It is a reco rd of the health care you or individua ls covered on your policy received a nd how much your provider is chargi ng your health plan. However, if y ou have to pay more for yo ur care, your provider will send y ou a separate bill.

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When it comes to dealing wi th health insurance as a young adu lt you are prone to making mistak es. This is understandable because you ha ve likely been on your parent’s polici es for your whole life without needi ng to do any research on yo ur own. Here is some information th at is designed to help you ma ke better decisions regarding health coverage

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If you’re not taking a vitam in C supplement you may want to consid er adding it into your diet. He re are 7 reasons why vitamin C is essenti al to your health.

Timeline photos 11/01/2021

It’s Monday, and although you m ay feel like hiding, if you embra ce it, who knows what can happ en! Share your Monday in the commen ts!

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It sure is scary without insuran ce! 😅

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AIS helps manage blood sugar by bindi ng naturally to the glucose in yo ur blood and safely removing it fr om your body. Call us at 828-403-46 07 to learn more.

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Friday has arrived! Time to enj oy it! Have a thought you'd li ke to share from your week? Dr op a comment!

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“This is what the Lord sa ys, he who made the earth, t he Lord who formed it and establish ed it—the Lord is his name: Ca ll to me and I will answ er you and tell you great a nd unsearchable things you do not know .” -Jeremiah 33:2-3

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You have likely heard the heal th news about the importance of incorporati ng antioxidants into your diet, but do y ou know what they do and w hy they make a difference in yo ur overall health? Discover more about h ow these natural, disease-fighting nutrients work wi th your body to reduce oxidation. T he reduction in stress oxidation on a cellul ar level from antioxidants helps to preve nt changes in your DNA that c an lead to increased risks of canc er and heart disease.

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"Every great dream begins with a dream er. Always remember, you have within y ou the strength, the patience, and t he passion to reach for the sta rs to change the world." ~Harriet Tubm an

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Staying healthy increases the chances you’ ll be there for your family a nd friends for many years to co me. That’s why AIS advise clients to u se their health coverage both for wh en they are sick and when th ey are well, to help them li ve a long, healthy life. While covera ge is important, there’s no substitute f or living a healthy lifestyle.

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Some people don’t know what a copayme nt or copay is, while others m ay confuse it with co-insurance. Copayment is t he fixed amount which you may be requir ed to pay as your share of t he cost for a medical service or supp ly, like a doctor's visit, hospital outpatie nt visit, or prescription drug. It is importa nt to note that a copayment is usual ly a fixed amount, rather than a percenta ge. At AIS, our clients are on ly required to make copayments based on the ir insurance plans and the type of vis it or health care service received.

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Depression and anxiety affect millions, b ut research shows some symptoms may be alleviat ed through the practice of active yo ga.

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Even Monday’s offer something sweet on ce in a while! Have a ‘swee t’ story to share? Drop a comme nt.

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Is fasting safe for people wi th diabetes? Learn about this from o ur blog at

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Today is FRIDAY, and that mea ns It doesn’t matter if you’re stayi ng home, traveling, gaming or running a marath on, this day will be amazing, becau se it’s yours! So, how will Y OU enjoy it? Drop a comment.

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“When you realize that God lov es you and that He has a pl an for your life, you can wa lk with your head held high — total ly confident in who He created y ou to be.” – Joyce Meyer

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If you are like most America ns, you are most likely not getti ng the nutrition your body needs fr om the foods that you choose to e at. Now is the time to ma ke an investment into your own heal th by eating better. These 10 ste ps will help you get off to a go od start when building your foundation f or healthier eating habits. Remember that planni ng ahead and preparing your own mea ls is always a great place to sta rt.

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“Success comes from the inside o ut. In order to change what is on t he outside, you must first change wh at is on the inside.” ― Ido wu Koyenikan

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Getting an annual or regular medic al checkup is one of the prima ry rules of health care and havi ng a health plan can make it ea sy for you to follow this ru le. One of the benefits of havi ng a health plan is that you’ re able to make regular doctor visi ts at little or no cost. At A IS we inform clients that having a heal th care provider who knows your heal th needs, and whom you trust a nd can work with, can help y ou reach your health and wellness goa ls.

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Preventive health care is important becau se it allows you to live a healthi er and longer life. Preventive health ca re services include screenings, check-ups, and patie nt counseling that are used to preve nt illnesses, disease, and other health proble ms, or to detect illnesses at an ear ly stage when treatment is likely to wo rk best. At AIS, we advise o ur clients to seek preventive care servic es and make healthy lifestyle choices becau se they are key steps to go od health and well-being.

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